Ayurveda Holistic Health Consultation

Individualized diet and lifestyle plan designed and tailored for you, including holistic diet and nutrition, yoga, pranayama, meditation, aromatherapy, herbs, oils, skincare, mudra, detox, and an individualized daily lifestyle routine - according to a client's specific constitution and imbalance. Dosha-balancing.

Your individualized Ayurvedic health plan will include: pulse diagnosis, exam, analysis of Ayurvedic constitution and imbalance. You will receive an individualized nutritional and lifestyle plan.

Kiera sees clients out of her office space located in lower Manhattan. For those not located in the NYC area, you may arrange for a consultation over Skype or the phone.

Initial Consultation: $120
Follow-up Consultation: $90

After your initial consultation, meet again to track your progress and see if you are coming into balance.

Purchase your consultation here. Email kiera@sundaraholistic.com with available times to schedule your session. 

Reiki/Energy Healing

An ancient healing art, Reiki is a simple method of hands-on energy healing. During a treatment, the Reiki energy flows through the hands of the practitioner into the person being treated, enhancing and accelerating the natural healing processes in the body. Reiki helps to restore balance and harmony and promotes the relaxation response.

A session with Kiera will begin with a brief consultation to evaluate the client's strength of mind, body and spirit. Then the client's aura will be scanned to sense the strength of each chakra. The client will receive a full Reiki hands-on body treatment, as well as a mental treatment.

One hour = $108
Two hours = $180

Distance Reiki Treatments are available for those not located in the New York City area. The Reiki energy transcends all boundaries of time and space. Utilizing a photo and/or other pertinent information about the client, the Reiki practitioner will use the sacred Reiki symbols to form a bridge of energy between herself and the person, place or event intended to be treated. Once the connection is established, treatment is given, the same as if the client was there in the room.

Email kiera@sundaraholistic.com to schedule your Reiki session.

12 Day Ayurvedic Detox Program


In Ayurveda, seasonal detox is essential to the proper functioning of the body and mind. An Ayurvedic cleanse resets and supports the functioning of every organ in the body.

Ama, or toxins, is known in Ayurveda as the cause of many heath issues. Toxins compromise the natural intelligence of the cells. Through this supervised Ayurvedic cleanse, you will clear toxins from your cells and body channels - essentially giving yourself a full body tune-up.

During the 12 day program, Kiera will guide you through your at-home cleanse, utilizing ancient recipes, rituals, and remedies. Program includes weekly phone calls with Kiera and materials:

-Individualized Detox Plan
-Sundara Holistic Body Oil
-Detox Tea
-Triphala Powder
-Dashamoola Powder
-Tongue Scraper

Holistic Skincare Consultation + Custom Oil Blend

Sundara Photo #3.jpg

One-hour in-person skincare consultation with Sundara Holistic's Founder, Kiera Kent. The hour-long consultation will identify any imbalances or skin conditions that are occurring. Afterwards, Kiera will design an individualized face oil or body oil to address the root of the skin problem or condition, using a customized blend of essential oils and cold-pressed plant oils and herbal extracts, to bring the skin back to its natural state of health. Kiera sees clients out of her office space located in lower Manhattan. For those not located in the NYC area, you may arrange for a consultation over Skype or the phone.

One hour + one custom designed skincare product: $180

Please email at kiera@sundaraholistic.com to set up an appointment or visit our Contact Page and fill out the form.